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Troubling Times for Tangoe Customers?

Posted by MDSL on 11-Jan-2017 12:58:31

No company likes uncertainty or the feeling that their suppliers are making unexpected or unplanned changes to their service. In light of recent developments in the TEM industry, this could become reality for some.

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RPM User Group London

Posted by Joel Sadler on 10-Jan-2017 09:37:28

Last month, MDSL held its RPM User Group at UBS' offices in London. The event was an opportunity for the users and managers of RPM to make sure they were included in discussions for redesigning the product.

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TEM: More than Cost Savings

Posted by Joel Sadler on 03-Jan-2017 08:51:13

Most prospective customers primarily associate a TEM solution with cost savings, but there are other important benefits TEM can provide to enterprises.

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Watch out for the Costs of Technical Scope Creep

Posted by Ben Mendoza on 29-Dec-2016 09:16:55

What is today’s latest technology for business?  Ask 10 people and you could easily get 10 different answers, but no doubt it will be some form of application, product or service, or a combination, (known as a solution) that claims to enable your business to work faster and smarter, to transform and disrupt the status quo -  to deliver undreamed of results and more!

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Technology Expense Reporting: Why User-Customizable?

Posted by Joel Sadler on 16-Dec-2016 09:54:58

MDSL's new Smart Dashboard reporting allows users to create their own dashboards from scratch. As long as the data points exist in their TEM inventory, users can immediately display information about their technology estate however they want.

But why invest considerable time, development cost and testing into producing user-customizable dashboards, and writing an interface to allow the product to be used without technical knowledge?

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Why the ‘T’ in ‘TEM’ now stands for Technology

Posted by Joel Sadler on 18-Nov-2016 17:29:27

Though their respective purposes can be vastly different, IoT devices still fit naturally into Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions. Both services use sim cards which then have corresponding invoices, and Telecom Expense management is predicted to have as significant an impact on IoT spend as it does on Telecoms.

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MDSL speaks to The Telegraph about Technology Expense Management

Posted by Joel Sadler on 09-Nov-2016 17:18:04
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TEM User Group and Showcase Video

Posted by MDSL on 26-Oct-2016 15:12:56
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Cost-Saving: How End-User Reporting Instigates Employee Behavioural Change.

Posted by Joel Sadler on 25-Oct-2016 16:18:44

I suspect most people have at some point in their career heard (or perhaps uttered) the phrase ‘It’s alright, I’ll just claim it back on expenses’ or ‘don’t worry the company is paying for it.’

Employees will often assume business rates for telecoms, electricity or printing are probably cheaper than consumer rates. "My company spends so much on services... will:

  • calling home
  • leaving this turned on overnight
  • printing out these invites to my Tibetan throat singing evening...

really make a difference?"

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Bughunt evening for new HTML 5 Reporting

Posted by Joel Sadler on 14-Oct-2016 16:26:37

 This Wednesday, MDSL held a testing evening to help the development team power through the beta stage of our new HTML 5 Reporting Platform. Employees from all departments were compelled to stay behind after work through sheer intrigue and dedication... and some free pizza and beer. But mainly the intrigue and dedication.

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