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Troubling Times for Tangoe Customers?

Posted by MDSL on 11-Jan-2017 12:58:31

No company likes uncertainty or the feeling that their suppliers are making unexpected or unplanned changes to their service. In light of recent developments in the TEM industry, this could become reality for some.

Tangoe recently received two acquisition proposals, from potential acquirers Marlin Equity Partners and Clearlake Capital Group/Vector Capital Management who already, as Blue Hill Research put it “have a significant stake in the TEM space.” 

"An acquisition might lead to another conglomeration of solutions and we have seen over recent years how difficult integrating and supporting multiple systems can be, with customers being promised great outcomes, but rarely seeing those promises become reality." commented MDSL CEO Ben Mendoza.

Over the last few years there has been a number of significant takeovers in the industry, always followed by the inevitable press release including an optimistic explanation as to how the move is to be beneficial to the customer.

But the customer only really benefits when the vendor is able to deliver a great service and make great software. MDSL creates agile, reliable, truly global solutions from the ground up, rather than buying up disparate products and trying to make them work together. The big news in the industry should be about the success of TEM, how it provides customers with clarity and control over their technology estates and makes their ‘business as usual’ day easier.

In the event of an acquisition, a migration of some form for Tangoe customers would seem likely. But amongst the turmoil is an opportunity for TEM customers to look at the wider market and make their own decision, rather than be dragged along by whatever decision the new acquirer makes. If you feel this applies to you, please visit our migration page here. 

In an industry which Blue Hill say "may be facing some serious disruption going forward", it's more important than ever to deliver the qualities customers crave: stability, honesty and reliability. MDSL believe in long-term, sustainable business relationships - our oldest customer has been with us ever since we began providing expense management solutions 21 years ago, and throughout MDSL has grown and reinvested in its technology and service. That growth has been organic, not a result of constant mergers, takeovers and buying out the competition, avoiding the interruption to service that comes with such developments.

Our stakeholders and our vision hasn't changed and our founder Ben Mendoza remains CEO to this day, creating a stability which has allowed MDSL to maintain a clear direction in improving our global, extensible expense management solution, with a customer retention rate of over 95% for more than 20 years.

Once a decision is made by an enterprise to adopt a type of solution like TEM, the buying decision eventually boils down to two elemental components: Price and Risk.  Because of the current situation, it's likely that risk will be the bigger concern.  What enterprises want is success, not frustration, upheaval, inconvenience and delay. Failure of these high profile projects also reflects badly on the decision makers within enterprises.

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