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Capturing Technology Expense Data at Scale with Robotic Process Automation

The most annoying bills to pay are bills you really don’t have to pay. No supplier or provider is immune from making billing mistakes, and usually they’re not intentional. Whatever causes a billing error, though, you are fiscally responsible to catch and correct the errors to avoid making unnecessary payments. As your company grows this problem gets larger too. More invoices coming in me...

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MDSL Takes Market Data Innovation Honors at the 2019 American Financial Technology Awards

WatersTechnology Recognizes MDSL's Groundbreaking eBonding Integration with FactSet for Market Data Procurement with Award Win for Best New Technology MDSL, a global leader in Market Data Management (“MDM”) and Technology Expense Management ("TEM") solutions, has been awarded Best New Technology by WatersTechnology for their innovative technology integration with FactSet, a global provid...

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What’s Next for Technology Expense Reporting and Maintaining Data Integrity

Opportunities to waste money and spend needlessly abound in your budget line for telecom and related technology expense, mainly because there’s so much to keep track of, and so many ways to look at it. It used to be that every employee in your company had a desk phone that you needed to keep track of. Today, they may still have a deskphone, but they also have a mobile smartphone, a table...

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Blockchain’s Disruption of the Telecom Industry

Many explanations of how “blockchain” technology operates begin by describing it as a ledger. Everyone knows what a ledger is. It’s a place to record transactions to keep track of them. And we prefer seeing them filled out in ink so nobody can change the numbers. Where we begin to get into trouble understanding blockchain is that, when most people think of a ledger, they think of financi...

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MDSL Readies for December Webinars to Highlight Current and Future Technology Expense Management Trends

North America and Europe-centric sessions to be held on December 4th featuring Amalgam Insights and MDSL subject matter experts MDSL, a global leader in Technology Expense Management ("TEM") solutions, will host a pair of webinars on December 4th led by industry analyst Hyoun Park. During these 30-minute interactive sessions, attendees will: Gain a deeper understanding of present and fut...

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