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How to Implement an Effective Cloud Cost Expense Management Program

In this blog, we will provide high-level guidance to help organizations expand the capabilities of their expense management program to accommodate all dimensions of premise and cloud service technologies.  A Quick Refresher In the beginning of this eight-part blog series, we explained how the results from a survey we conducted during our Calero World Online webinar on “Extending TEM Best...

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Selecting a New TEM Provider? Top Considerations Before Making The Switch

The rate of change in technology-focused industries is giving some businesses a feeling of whiplash. But whether your company is caught in the confusion of trying to wrangle telecom expenses in-house or stuck in an unhappy marriage with their current technology expense management (TEM) provider, it may be time to consider something new. Many enterprises have one or more of these existing...

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Architecting an Effective Enterprise Taxonomy is the Key to Cloud Expense Management

Cloud Can Provide Much Greater Insights Telecom carriers offer little ability to customize the data structure of their telecom invoices. For the most part, invoice reports are architected from the carrier’s perspective (i.e., with emphasis on what needs to be paid). This structure is primarily due to regulatory and compliance standards around USOC (Universal Service Ordering Code), tarif...

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How Stakeholders Derive Value from an Effective Cloud Expense Management Program

As enterprises continue to transfer more of their technology infrastructure to the cloud, business service professionals across the IT sector are being forced to rethink their mission, objectives, strategy and tactics.  In this blog we will explain the what, why and where the migration to cloud ushers in many more impactful opportunities for IT professionals to provide value to their org...

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10 Tips for Writing a Great TEM RFP

Companies today spend a staggering amount on IT, technology and telecom services. Global spending on hardware, software, services and telecommunications is set to reach $4.8 trillion in 2023, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC). Unfortunately, many organizations are not nearly as efficient with their technology and IT spending as they could be. Many enterprises often ov...

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