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TEM Cost Savings Interactive Video

Posted by Joel Sadler on 05-Aug-2016 12:59:17

For more information on Telecom Expense Management, please click below:

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Pay For What You Use

Posted by Joel Sadler on 25-Jul-2016 11:19:29

The Manager receives his bank statement. Upon inspection, the Manager discovers he can’t afford that new 4k TV this month. Or his yearly donation to the children’s charity. But mainly the 4k TV.

The Manager is Furious. He begins a full investigation.

The Manager discovers his daughter has exceeded her roaming data limit by at least 5GB for the last 6 months. He decides that 18 is probably too young to own a phone. The Manager takes action.

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TEM Cost Savings- 5. Call Analysis

Posted by Joel Sadler on 15-Jun-2016 10:24:25
Bob wants to buy secure cloud storage to back up company devices. The Company’s competitors always seem to be one step ahead of them, and are undercutting them on every deal. Bob thinks they have access to the Company’s cloud data. The Competitors are also taunting him about secret details of his private life, which only fuels his theory.

The Manager tells Bob:

1. He’s just paranoid,
2. Secure cloud storage is something The Company simply cannot afford,
3. That sort of thing happens to a lot of guys.
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TEM Cost Savings - 4. Improved Process Savings: Provisioning

Posted by Joel Sadler on 03-Jun-2016 06:15:24

Bill from accounts receives yet another troubling telecom bill.

"What is this bill for? It's not in my accounts inventory! Where are the details I need for my inventory? How is this service configured?"

Bill considers just paying the bill and sweeping it all under the carpet. But Bill knows that path leads inevitably to Accountant Hell.

"Should this come out of our budget? Or the Orlando budget? Who ordered this? Will Dave from IT know? Why is this so complicated? Should I quit my job? Sell up, move into an old warehouse and live out my days as a cobweb?"

Sleep on it, Bill.

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TEM Cost Savings - 3. Negotiated Savings

Posted by Joel Sadler on 27-May-2016 12:32:19
The Manager has come under criticism for agreeing to some unfavorable deals in recent times. The Company's telecom contracts are coming up for renewal, and The Manager spies an opportunity.
"How can I make my mark on this deal?"

  • You Have A Choice
If you're unhappy with the price of your fixed-line telecoms from Drop Callz or the moblie service from  Incredibly Ltd, you can always change provider. Remember, vendors want your business, and will do what they can to ease the transition to their service. Changing vendors can result in a significant reduction on your telecom spend.

  • Remember to Negotiate
If you're a large company, telecom vendors really want your business. They would rather negotiate below their standard business rates than lose you to a competitor. Don't just accept the first figures you're quoted.

So are you going to negotiate now, Mr Manager?

"Yes, immediat-.... I mean, maybe..."

That's the spirit!


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TEM Cost Savings - 2. The Not So Obvious

Posted by Joel Sadler on 20-May-2016 05:48:50

Bob tells The Manager he wants 4G data. Bob wants to download PDFs and videos more quickly when he's out and about, so he can be more productive. Bob also wants to improve the load times of Tinder profiles, but he won't mention that.The Manager refuses, claiming telecom spend is already unexplainably high.

But is it all so unexplainable?

Here are 3 of TEM's Not so Obvious Savings

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TEM Cost Savings - 1. The Blindingly Obvious

Posted by Joel Sadler on 06-May-2016 12:07:47

Bob asks for a smartwatch. Bob wishes he didn’t have to take his phone out of his pocket and enter his passcode every time it vibrates, especially when it just turns out to be an inappropriate selfie from Shaun. Stop it, Shaun.

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Bob Without eBonding

Posted by Joel Sadler on 12-Apr-2016 08:54:34

Bob is going to the Netherlands. Bob wanted to add roaming data to his plan. Bob emailed Dave from I.T over three days ago, but has heard nothing back, and can't find Dave at his desk, and Linda hasn't seen him yet but she might have seen his car, or maybe that was yesterday. Bob goes to the Netherlands. Bob is conscientious, and leaves his phone on Airplane Mode when he isn't using it to avoid data roaming costs. Bob misses the email about his return flight being cancelled and now it's too late to book another one until tomorrow, and now he has airplane mode but no airplane, and he's tormented by the irony.

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