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Is Index License Management for me?

MDSL's Index License Management (ILM) solution assists you with documenting and managing your firm's index licenses, helping you to ensure compliance with audits and upcoming regulations, and quickly confirm the terms and coverages of your licenses. 

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Success Story Spotlight: MDSL Helps Large Asset Manager Automate Cost Allocation of Index Licenses

MDSL was able to help a large, U.S.-based asset manager automate the cost allocation of index licenses for the fund management industry using our Index License Manager (ILM). Let's take a closer look at this client success story and explore the complexity of license management, MDSL's proposed ILM solution and what organizational outcomes were produced for the client.  Challenge Index li...

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How to Lower Your Costs with Index License Management

Much has been made since the introduction of the European Benchmark Regulation (BMR) of the need among large financial firms to implement revised governance standards to keep track of benchmark usage. Both buy-side and sell-side, as well as custodians of index and mutual funds, were impacted by this change, which went into effect in January of this year for new product issuance, as a way...

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