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What to Expect, What Not To Expect During a Telecom Audit

Most of us get our bills, see the amount due, submit payment and then forget about it. We trust that the information presented is accurate, and we don’t have time to stress over nickels and dimes. However, when managing an enterprise with an ever-expanding inventory of telecommunication equipment and services, those nickels and dimes can add up fast. To ensure you aren’t overpaying for s...

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MDSL Telecom Audit Services

MDSL has a long history of providing strategic services, including telecom audits, to clients big and small from a variety of industries. Learn what similarities are found between them.       

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Cloud Reduced Your Costs - But You Still Need to Track Them!

Your migration to cloud computing was a great decision. You’ve all-but-eliminated any capital investments on equipment. You’ve removed many operating expenses, too, including rent, electrical power, HVAC space cooling, equipment maintenance, on-staff administrators and managers, and more. You’ve replaced all of that with a single monthly expense that is consistent, predictable, and budge...

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MDSL Announces Cloud Services Expense Manager, The Natural Extension of Technology Expense Management

The exponential rise in enterprise cloud spend and ambiguity of ownership presents unique management challenges  MDSL, a global leader in Technology Expense Management ("TEM") solutions, has announced the general availability of their Cloud Services Expense Manager (CSEM) module as part of the MDSL TEM solution offering. The new module allows enterprise clients to manage spend for cloud ...

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How to Write a Great TEM RFP: 10 Surefire Tips

Companies today spend a staggering amount on IT, technology and telecom services. According to IDC, global spending in these categories equaled around $4 billion in 2018. By 2019, just IT expenses alone will likely top $3.8 billion worldwide, Gartner has predicted. And, a global survey of CIOs from Deloitte found that the typical enterprise spends more than 3 percent of its annual revenu...

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