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Steps to Shift Your Organizational Focus from Basic Control and Compliance to Spend Optimization

Let’s think big. A multi-national company operating in about 1,000 locations spread among more than 25 countries will likely require 30,000 telecom circuits of varying kinds to support perhaps 400,000 phone extensions costing about $150,000,000 per year. Each month anywhere from 3% to 5% of those circuits and phone extensions get added, disconnected, upgraded, downgraded or otherwise cha...

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Controlling Telecom Costs: Now... or from Now On?

Communication is one of those things you truly depend upon to run your business. Telecom, datacom, there are several networks that serve you, and each one has its own rules, its own pricing programs, its own requirements, and more. It’s one of those things that are so important yet sometimes you just stop thinking about them. They’re working, so you don’t worry about fixing them or makin...

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Unlock your Telecom Budget with Strategic Consulting

Large organizations face a number of challenges in improving their telecom environments and increasingly must balance providing reliable, modern technology to end users while keeping costs in check. Developing more forensic analysis of billing, contract negotiation, and usage can release significant value back to corporate IT departments. However, telecom managers must contend with time ...

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What to Expect, What Not To Expect During a Telecom Audit

Most of us get our bills, see the amount due, submit payment and then forget about it. We trust that the information presented is accurate, and we don’t have time to stress over nickels and dimes. However, when managing an enterprise with an ever-expanding inventory of telecommunication equipment and services, those nickels and dimes can add up fast. To ensure you aren’t overpaying for s...

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MDSL Telecom Audit Services

MDSL has a long history of providing strategic services, including telecom audits, to clients big and small from a variety of industries. Learn what similarities are found between them.       

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