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Ten Signs Your Organization Needs to Switch TEM Providers

Changing technology expense management (TEM) providers can be a difficult decision-making process. There’s much to consider. Many questions to be answered before you can take that step. Here are some of those questions to ask yourself: 1. Are you feeling as important to your TEM provider as you felt at the beginning? Your TEM provider is a business partner who helps you make sure you’re ...

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Thinking About Making the Switch? Part Two

At the end of part one of this two-part blog series you were searching for a new, better provider for technology expense management (TEM) services. Armed with a clear understanding of why you’re dissatisfied you have surveyed the industry asking pointed questions and getting answers, some solid and some not. Finally, you’ve come to a decision that you feel very comfortable with and it’s ...

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Thinking About Making the Switch?

Nobody ever wants to change providers, simply because making such a change is by no means a trivial process. Especially when it comes to those who provide critical services like telecom expense management (TEM) or managed mobility services (MMS). But, as telecom, mobile and datacom services become more critical to your business you need to focus on the consequences of not changing - if c...

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Lessons from the Field: Pandemic TEM - Prioritize Anything That Drives Success

“Hey, I’ve got an idea! Let’s move 40,000 people out of their offices and have them work from home starting tomorrow!” If someone were to say that to you on a normal day, you’d laugh. You’d be sure they were joking. Yet that’s exactly what many companies did back in March 2020. They may have done it on different days, and with larger and smaller numbers of people, but they immediately mo...

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Calero-MDSL Appoints Brian Brady as Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Executive Management Team

Seasoned Financial Leader Strengthens Management Team and Reinforces Global Growth Strategy for Technology Expense Management Software and Services Calero-MDSL, a global leader in technology expense management (TEM) and market data management, announced that it has hired Brian Brady as Chief Financial Officer. Brian joins an established executive team at Calero-MDSL focused on innovation...

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